We are Texans who love to travel and our favorite destination is the beach, hence the Texas Beach Bums.  Check out our "bummin' around" link for a list of places we've been and those we dream of seeing some day. 

I try not to be "preachy" on my pages, but everyone has their opinion and sometimes mine just comes pouring out. After all - it is MY web page.  

I despise cold weather, folks that mistreat animals, people that think their opinion is the only one and exercise.

I love reading, piddling with graphic software, growing flowers, cooking (not baking), my friends and family and of course traveling is my passion.

  We were both born and raised in the panhandle of Texas in small farming communities. We now reside in Arlington, VA., an area filled with over six million souls from every nation and culture around the world.  It is a lot to take in, but we are giving it shot.  

We are in this wonderful city for Mick's job.  He has 30+ years with the FSA department of the USDA.  In January 2017 he accepted a position in DC giving us a chance to explore the northeastern United States and share the capital area with friends and family.



  Hints and Tips for travel...   There are books that have hundreds of pages helping you plan your travel.  I won't try to duplicate their efforts, but here are a few things we have learned.

1. Never take a trip that extends beyond your budget.  The memories will be bitter because you will end up spending more than you planned. Or there will be something amazing that you have to pass on because you just can't afford anything extra. Pick something less expensive.  Have a chance to treat your kids to ice cream or enjoy buying your wife a 2nd margarita.   A travel agent once told me.  It is much more pleasant to be the rich ones in the crowd than to stand out as the poor people in the group. Sounds snobby - yes.  Make sense - yes.

2. If traveling with friends make sure the friendship can survive. Talk and plan and KNOW what other travelers expect.  Have an understanding of their definition of a nice dinner. There is a big difference between $20 entrees and a $65 dollar steak with no sides included. Always firm up ahead of time what and when will be dutch treat. Never ever travel with anyone that can't roll with the punches, gets rude with service staff or stares at the weirdoes.  You could end up getting beat up!

3. Research.  The internet has more information than you can dig through.  Don't believe the first review you read and don't discount it.  I always wonder when folks show up to get on a cruise ship and they have not completed their paperwork.  They have beer in their carry on and are mad they are expected to throw it away.  Or the people who get to a resort and expect to go into town each day and it is a $50 cab ride one way.  All of this information is on the web.  Take the time to research.  Vacation days and dollars are too precious to deal with problems that didn't have to be. 

4. If you expect a perfect vacation, you will be disappointed. Flight delays, rude people, travel sickness even a bottle of rum exploding in your suitcase (yes it did) can all be a pain.  Go anyway and have a good time.  That decision is yours. For us, when it happens we look at each other and say. "It's a tough life, but somebody's got to do it."  (Lori it is forever burned in my mind.)