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Life's not about all the steps you've taken, or all the places you have been ~ but the footprints you've left behind


We are Texans who love to travel and our favorite destination is the beach, hence, the Texas Beach Bums. 

Check out bummin' around to see some of the places we've been and places we're going.



We are also SOKIs (spending our kids inheritance) and recommend that all of you do the same. 

Our favorite way to do this is by traveling.  We also dispense of our earnings by spoiling our dog, watching sports and keeping up with advances in technology.


Web Updates

I always swore I would keep MY web page up-to-date. I lied.  So much living to do . . . so little time.



We encourage everyone to take time to listen to your parents, children and grandchildren.  Really listen.  There will come a time when they aren't around or don't have time to share.  Take advantage while you can.

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