January 2009 started off with the good and bad.  We celebrated the New Year at the casino in Kinder, Louisiana as we watched the Red Raiders lose the Cotton Bowl game on national television. 
  Before the month ended our baby (Bethany) had turned 21 (parents were not invited to the party) and our granddaughter Natalie had celebrated her 2nd birthday.
February Since this is a short month we took the month off and recuperated from the holidays and prepared for the next few months.
March We made our annual trip to Vegas for the NCAA tournament.  We spent three straight days sitting in the sports bar watching over 12 hours of college basketball each day.  Pure heaven :-)  Mick claimed to have a problem this year that I just didn't understand or sympathize with.  He said he didn't have enough padding to sit that long and next year he is taking an extra cushion.  He got bologna sandwiches for a week for that remark. It appears he likes bologna sandwiches.
  One Saturday in late March we drove through a blizzard to Bilby, Oklahoma (outside of Tulsa) where we adopted a rescue Westie named Pippin. When I first saw her I almost backed out.  She was skin and bones with bald spots and a severe ear infection.  We brought her home and fattened her up (the vet now has her on a diet) and she is adorable. 



I'm getting on my soap box right here in the Christmas letter.  If you want a dog, please consider a rescue dog.  Pippin was scheduled to be put to sleep on Tuesday when she was found at the shelter the Friday before.  The only thing wrong with her was an ear infection that required treatment.  Medication and a secure home (big brother McKito) is all it took to make her a wonderful pet.  Also if you are getting a pet - consider the expense of medication, vet bills and kennel.  If you cannot afford these necessary expenses - do not get a pet.  Wow - soap box was so high I almost got nose bleed!!!

April In April we met my parents, my brother Marvin and his wife Linda in Gainesville.  We visited, played games, shopped and even visited the local casino a bit.  We also celebrated Marv's birthday - yeah 55!!!!  My sister and her husband had to back out at the last minute due to illness.
May We started May by attending a first birthday party for Katy (2nd granddaughter).  I'm not sure Katy enjoyed the barbeque - but boy we sure did.
  Jamie and Luchi called to tell us they are expecting a baby in December 2009 which will be our 3rd grandchild.
  Our friend Paulette FINALLY came to see us. She and Pippin made friends and it was actually sad to see them say goodbye.
  We traveled to Brownfield to attend the funeral for the Berryhills. They were lifelong friends of the Woodard family.  While it was a time of mourning, Micky was delighted to see his high school coach and others he had not seen in years.

Mick's uncle passed away and Jim, Judy, Mick and I traveled to San Angelo to attend the funeral.   We made the decision not to travel back to the panhandle the next weekend for the Seaton reunion and have regretted it every day since. 

  June was the month Mick's office was notified which CRP contracts would be eligible for extension and which ones would be ending.  He had the unpleasant task of telling his mother-in-law that her contract would not be extended and after her October payment she would not be receiving any further CRP monies.  She must have taken it well since she still lets him help with her "Let me ask you ..." honey-do list.
  Colby, Micky and I went to Puerto Vallarta.  It rained the first three days we were there - all day and most of the night.  Colby was not going to let the rain upset him - he found a casino about three blocks away and it had peso machines.  Wow - we were in business.  Rain or no rain - we had a great time. 
July Over the July 4th weekend we got to have Katy come stay with us.  Casey and Lori dropped her and Kaiser (the granddog) off and the party was on.  She ignored all 3 dogs and just played and she played and she played. She enjoyed the music from the fireworks we watched on TV.  Oops - that was way past her bedtime and we promised her that her parents would never know.
  Mick spent most of one week in Dallas at a business conference.  I decided to save my vacation time for something more exciting.  We decided to buy a new grill, the old one had simply wore out.  It seems we do cook out a lot more here and think  it has something to do with the warmer weather and lack of wind. 
  In July I bit the bullet and set up a Facebook account.  I have made contact with a lot of folks that I have lost touch with through the years.  And I have been friended by a lot of folks that truly - well I could have done without.  I have enjoyed the photos and seeing the personality displayed by the various folks.  It is a social network and some folks are REAL sociable.
  The last weekend in July we traveled to Corpus and moved Bethany into her own PRIVATE apartment. I don't believe I've seen her as proud of anything as she was "her own place."  She started her final year of school in August and she is very excited about what lies ahead. 
August The first weekend in August we traveled back to Gainesville. This time all of us were able to be there.  My parents, my siblings and their spouses.  We celebrated my parents 63rd wedding anniversary and my sister's birthday.  Since no one wants to be sixty I won't mention her age. 
  We then made a quick trip to Lubbock to attend the wedding of Tim (Mick's nephew) and a precious lady named Amber.  It was good to see all of the Woodards and to share the time with the newlyweds.
  I spent a week in McAllen at a conference. I loved that part of the state and can't wait to go back for another visit.
  The next weekend we traveled to Aruba. We have always dreamed of seeing the island and heard it was amazing. We were not disappointed.  We will definitely be returning to the beaches in Aruba.
September Our friends Vonaceil and Gary Chandler spent part of Labor Day weekend with us following her checkup with her Houston heart doctor (she got a great report).  We cooked out, ate and spent hours catching up on family news.
  Casey and Lori went to Lubbock with friends to attend a Texas Tech football game and we got to keep Katy and Kaiser. She is an amazing child. We put her in bed one night at 7. No crying or fussing and she slept till 7:30 the next morning. 
  A few weeks later we flew to Lubbock on those lovely cheap Southwest Airline tickets.  We spent a full day with Julie (Mick's mom) and got to see Aunt Sue.  Saturday morning we saw our friends at Touch of Class and found out Carla was expecting a baby girl.  That afternoon we visited with Jan and Glynn and that night Paulette hosted a watch party for the Tech /UT game. On Sunday we traveled to Silverton and went to church with JL and Faye (my folks).  We packed a lot of visiting into a fast trip.
  We did not get to attend the Houston / Tech game.  Early in the season we debated about buying tickets and decided to wait.  By the time we realized what a great game it was going to be there was nothing left other than a few resale tickets going for over $200.  Mick was willing but I do not love the Raiders that much.
October We took another bus trip to Kinder and yes Tamara - once again I ate alligator.  It was good but not as good as I remember - or maybe the novelty is wearing off.
  We made a quick down and back day trip to Corpus to check on the soon to be college graduate.  She has enjoyed working for an accountant and said she had no desire to return to the food service or retail industry.  Her graduation date is May 15, 2010 - then full time employment.
November Our friends George and Tamara from Canada came to visit over Thanksgiving. Bethany was able to come for a couple of nights. We only had five days to show them all of the wonders of Texas. And no - we didn't make it.  We did introduced them to chicken fried chicken and stuffed jalapenos.  I took Tamara shopping on the infamous black Friday and Micky furnished George a Texas Tech shirt so he could properly cheer for the Red Raiders.  They won of course. We spent one night in San Antonio on the Riverwalk where the native culture tour included Dick's Last Resort and the Alamo. 

  Micky was presented the Patriotic Employer award. He has an employee that has been called up on active duty for over a year and won't return until July while he fulfills his military assignment. Mick was very surprised but felt very honored to be awarded this distinction.
December Our first grandson, Martin Frizzell is due in December just in time for bowl games and playoffs.  We plan to travel to the panhandle for Christmas and would love to bring all of the folks home with us for a week or so.  
Kids Our kids are amazing.  Bethany will graduate from college in May after only four years.  Jamie and Luchi have bought a home and are expecting their son in December. They still dream of moving to the states and we dream of having them here.  Lori changed jobs and now works entirely from home and Casey said business is picking up after the recession of last year.  Both granddaughters are growing and thriving and are absolutely amazing.
Our Parents Julie lost her oldest brother in August.  This has left a big void in her life but a dear friend from the Church has stepped in to take her to church and more spend time with her. Her youngest brother and his family are very good to check on her. 
  JL and Faye continue to travel and while we think it is good for them to be active we are concerned about their safety.  My mother's cancer remains in remission and my dad is still driving tractors and his choice of harvest equipment. They have their fingers crossed that a wind turbine will land on them when the transmission lines are installed.  Their chances are probably much better than any lottery ticket I've ever bought.
Us Mick has been interviewed on television and radio this year and presented a national FSA webinar.  He is becoming quite the celebrity or needs to quit volunteering.
  I am counting down to retirement and it is getting closer.  January 2013 and this old woman will be doing laundry at 8 am instead of 8 pm.  I am still working on my novel and have been learning photoshop - check out the graphic at the top - I did that :-)
2010 We have motel reservations for the Alamo Bowl which will get us started with our travel - all the way to San Antonio.  We have a few trips planned and are working on a few more.  I stand and confess.  "My name is Kathy and I am a travel-a-holic".  There are just so many places we want to see and many we would like to see again. 
Our Wish for You

We wish each of you a wonderful year filled with health and happiness.  We thank you for your friendship and the joy you bring to our lives.  We encourage you to live today because tomorrow is not promised.


Ms. Katy Ms. Natalie Ms. Bethany Lori, Kaiser, Casey and Katy Jamie, Luchi and Nati

From our beach to yours . . . . .


Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2010.


Micky and Kathy Woodard