We always said we were going to spend some of our retirement living overseas.  About the time we decided we were not prepared to make that change - the government (lack of) leadership and ethics have just about convinced us that we need to put this option back on the table.  We are conservatives but have to say that all politicians (both sides) seem to be self serving, liars and cheats.  That is any politician above the local level. How did we vote?  The American way - by secret ballot.


I am going to write a novel. Goodness knows I read enough - both good and bad.  I think one reason I would love to write - I could do it at home and even on the beach. So hang on - someday you may get to say "I knew her when".

There is a group of us "my age" that want to write a book about how certain women get on our nerves, embarrass us and just basically make us want to slap them.  One of the proposed chapters:  Buying a crown at Walmart does not make you a princess. Hey if we wait a few years we can title book "Soapbox for Seniors".

Micky has a countdown on his phone showing the day he can walk away and say "out of here."  However his new position is challenging and completely different than anything he has done in the past.  He said he thinks he will enjoy it even more when he goes to work AND he doesn't have to be there.   


I would love to have my travel agents license and offer seminars on "how to travel".  In the meantime I'm planning on documenting my travel hints and tips on the web.  Someday there will be a link right here that will take you to my travel web site - like I said, someday.

We would like to take all of our kiddos to Mexico or on a cruise.  We would like to introduce the grandkids to the wonders of a beautiful beach. We admit it would be wonderful to know our kiddos will someday get to see and do amazing things. We hope they have the opportunity to enjoy their own travel adventures.

As for Micky, well he would like to do Tech football one year.  That is make each and every game - home and away.  Then pick a year and do that for the men's basketball team. 

Since we neither one are dishonest enough to run for public office and get elected (oh those golden parachutes) - - - fulfillment of our dreams will depend on our luck at the lottery.