Meet the Bums

Micky is Program Specialist with the USDA/FSA in Washigton DC.  He has been with this division / department for over 30 years in various positions and locations.

I am retired and the hardest thing about it - figuring out why I ever worked at all - other than the pay check of course. 

We have three children and four amazing grandchildren and very special and precious in-laws. 

We are sport fans.  Our favorites are of course our Texas Tech Red Raiders. 

Our passion is travel.  Even a road trip to Louisiana makes us happy.


  Bums in General

Each day we wake up and know we are blessed. We may have aches and pains, stress at work and even deal with personal issues, but we still know that "life is good" at the Woodard house.

We have seen so many fantastic sights and spent time with friends and family in amazing places.  We have sat together for hours listening to the ocean.

And we would do it all again.

Traveling has introduced us to people, places and experiences we would have never encountered at home.  Tolerance, patience and hopefully understanding came with our encounters.


  I do the exasperating and obnoxious Christmas newsletter each year.  Since they are electronic each recipient has the option to press delete.  Here are links (since I know you have nothing else to do today.)

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