Occasionally I drag out my soapbox and have a rant or two.  I don't post them on facebook.  I don't tweet, blog or expect folks to care. I just feel the need to put my thoughts in words. 

From time to time I will add another of my favorite quotes or a new "ramblings."  I use this word because I have no clue what to call them.

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If you teach your children nothing else - teach them

"choice is made = price is paid"  (your choice - you pay)


You get this day only once, don't waste it in misery.


The Lord gives you the face you wear,

You choose the expression you wear.


If the people you are "hanging with" don't make you happy,

What the hell are you still doing there?


Losing Memories:    Today everyone is worried about Alzheimers and other aging diseases that affect a person's memory, I have begun to worry about how we are losing memories by missing out on the chance to make those memories.

For those of us who grew up in simpler times we remember Saturday night dominoes, Monopoly or whatever gave we played around the kitchen table. We have the memory of shelling peas on the porch with our grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins and occasionally a neighbor or two.  Winter meant a jig saw puzzle and summer meant croquet or baseball in the back yard.

Family reunions were a big deal and valiant efforts were made to attend and "keep in touch."  Memories today are television? Maybe nintendo? Going to the mall? What will the child born in 2000 store in their memory bank when they think back to Saturday nights?

I wonder if we are losing our memories and it isn't caused by Alzheimers - it's caused by running too fast.

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Our Secret Shared:  We get a lot of questions and even some snide remarks about our extravagant travel habit.  The truth is - we travel cheap and we pay for it by being frugal and even cheap in some areas of our lives.  We stay out of stores, out of restaurants and we make a big effort not to ever waste groceries.  If I go to the store - I will find something to buy.  If I stay home, I never miss what I didn't buy :-)  

We pack our lunches, do our own ironing, housework and yard work.  We keep our thermostat at a reasonable temperature, we do maintenance instead of repairs and we take advantage of anything free - library books, concerts in the park and walks in the park (instead of gym memberships).

We occasionally have our extravagant moments - like beer at the Ranger game - but those times are few and far between.  Even when we travel we are selective (and wise) on money spent.  We will get up at 2:30 and drive to the airport instead of paying for a motel room.  I am the penny slot machine queen and love nothing better than the $3 blackjack table.  We seldom if ever eat airport food and we have no problem eating breakfast at McDonalds in Hawaii, Vegas or any other vacation spot.  If you've never taken a peanut butter sandwich in your carry-on., then you probably aren't frugal :-)

To us one day on the beach is worth 2 months of sandwiches for lunch.  But we also make good sandwiches, complete with lettuce, tomatoes, ham, cheese and of course peppers.  We aren't martyrs, just frugal. 

We spend a lot of time researching and pricing vacations and we know a good price vs a bargain.  Our vacation style is relax and enjoy.  We aren't interested in tours, fancy restaurants, excursions and such.  If our vacation includes meals - we do not pay extra to eat somewhere else.  And of course we are lucky that we can travel during off season because we have no kids at home. 

Our method isn't for everyone.  To some people eating out is pure enjoyment and ironing is nothing short of torture.  I don't understand their reasoning and they don't understand mine.  Hmmmm guess that is why we are called individuals. 

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Sunday Musings: I was reading a shared post on Facebook and the writer was requesting that everyone make a special effort to spend money at such and such retailer because they are closed on Sunday so their employees can spend the day either at worship services or with their family.  The gist of the short note was "Sundays are for God and family and employers should recognize this fact."

So my question is this. Does it make someone a hypocrite to state this fact either by posting, liking the post or just expressing this opinion and then go out to eat on Sunday?  What about grocery shopping or going to a movie? 

If a person REALLY feels that it is wrong for an employer to expect their employees to work on Sunday then shouldn't they stay out of all businesses on Sunday?  If all church goers went home after services and prepared lunch and remained at home for the duration of the day, retailers might rethink opening for business on Sunday. If church goers all refused to go to the movies, chose not to attend or participate in any activity that required someone to be at work, retailers should take note.  Would it result in businesses closing?  I seriously doubt businesses would close, but they might need fewer employees and you as a believer would be doing the right thing.

IMHO you would be hard pressed to get most church goers to take a stand.  Let me rephrase that, you would be hard pressed to get most church goers to go home and cook.  Like I said, IMHO.

Then there are numerous jobs that are not service or retail that still must function on Sundays.  Police officers, firemen, nurses, prison guards, tow truck operators, etc. Do church goers have a problem with these people working on Sunday? 

I have a second question.  If you truly believes that Sunday is a day for God and family, do you spend the day with God and family?  Do your kids go to the pool while you surf the internet?  Does your teen go to the movie and your husband mow the grass?  Do you do laundry, talk on the phone and even go to the gym?  A true believer might schedule a family devotional or visit a nursing home as a family group.  Or at the very least play a wild game of Sorry as a family. 

I have never given it any thought until I saw the Facebook post, so I have mulled it over and come to the following conclusions.

1. If the problem is missing worship service, the Bible states that two or three together can be an acceptable worship.  It might take more effort but a solution is available for those who are required to work on Sunday.

2. If the problem is the employee doesn't feel they should be working on Sunday then the employee needs to find another job.  Period.  However if YOU have a problem with someone else working on Sunday, (get ready) then you need to mind your own business. Don't look at the screen expecting me to soften that statement  - ain't happening. 

3. If you feel the employer is wrong to be open for business on Sunday, then organize like minded folks and do not eat out, shop or attend events on Sunday.  In other words stop Talking the Talk and start Walking the Walk.  On Sunday, you do the right thing.

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