We live the "bum's life" because we are blessed.  One of those blessing are our children.  All three have a strong independent streak and we appreciate it.  Our kids do not borrow money, do not expect outrageous gifts and have a full life - some parts of which we are not included.  And that is the way it should be - at least in our opinion.

Our grandkids are precious and we love them with all our hearts.  But they are our grandkids.  We don't fret over their raising, that is their parent's job. 

We lost Mick's mom and both of my parents in 2015.  Micky's dad had died a few years earlier.  It is amazing how much of our bum's life is possible because of them.  We both grew up in households where there was never extra money but our parent's strong budgeting skills ensured what they did have was "enough".  Our parents never lived above their means and made sure to finance their obligations first.  We have been pegged cheap, frugal and tight.  We consider it being financially responsible.  We are not foodies, car or phone snobs or fashion plates.

Other than travel, our splurge is paying for every sports channel we can get on our television.

  Other factors in the success of our bum's life includes our friends.  They love cheap beer, free food and time together.  "One upping" is not part of our social gatherings. If anything we visit a lot about interest rates, senior citizen discounts and bargain hunting. Bragging rights belong to the one who has the cheapest phone not who has the fanciest!

The last thing that makes our bum's life work is our health.  As we get older it becomes more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We are both fighting to stay off of the prescription medications.  The hit on your pocketbook can be substantial, but really folks, have you listened to or read the list of potential side effects?  They should scare us all into a healthy lifestyle.